Progress: 3-Week Check In


There is just about one more quarter remaining in 2015…can you believe it? I mean, where has the time gone. Speaking of time, have you been devoting the necessary time, effort and energy toward the goal(s) that you set forth for the year 2015? Have you saved the amount of money that you’ve wanted to save; have you lost the pounds that you vowed to take off; have you been attending church more often?

Whatever goals that we have set for ourselves; I am learning more and more that our Game Plan for achieving those goals are subject to change, be revised, altered, enhanced, etc. Before I starting discussing making changes to our plans let me first take a step back and ask; you do have a plan for how you will accomplish your goals….right? I hope so because what I have further discovered is that it is imperative that you not only write down your vision, goals and objectives but; that you create a plan of action (Game Plan) for achieving them. To be quite frank, if you have a vision but no plan for making the vision a reality then well… merely have a dream. On the contrary however, if you have a vision or goals that you desire and a Game Plan for how you will achieve those goals then; you are well on your way for making that vision and those goals a reality!

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness is designed to empower you with the encouragement, motivation and tools that you need to create your own transformation plan (Game Plan) for the four major areas of your life; physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. You will literally create your own transformation plan for achieving your goals.

The great thing about the transformation tools offered in Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness is that you create your own plan that is customized to serve your goals and vision. Thus; you are also free to revise, edit, and add to your Game Plan as you see fit. I am actually finding myself making changes to one of my own Game Plans; my Physical Health Transformation Game Plan to be specific.

I just added a “3-Week Try On/Check-In” monitoring to my transformation Game Plan. I don’t know about you but, I find that the scale is not always the best progress indicator when it comes to fitness progress. Can anybody say Amen to that (LOL)? I mean, have you ever had the experience of feeling like you have been knocking yourself out at the gym and eating better to only weigh in at the end of the week and the scale tells you that you only dropped 0.5 pound (LBVS). Okay, so back to my “3-Week Try On/Check-In.”  I decided that instead of only getting on the scale; I’m going to try on the same 3 outfits that I tried on today. I have these three dresses that I tried on today that showed me that I have made progress with my fitness goal. I have not yet achieved my ultimate physical health goal however; I sure felt motivated and encouraged when I could see the progress today when I tried on the three dresses. Your clothes do not lie; they are a sure indicator of progress. So, from now until each dress fits the way that I want them to; I’m going to try them on every 3 weeks to determine my progress. I have already added my “3-Week Try On/Check-In” sessions to my calendar so that I won’t forget.

I know that my “3-Week Try On/Check In” is for my Physical Health Game Plan but; think about how you can make progress with your goals whether they are physical, financial, emotional or spiritual by creating your own 3-Week Check In to monitor your progress. So, get going. Even if you have made little or no progress toward your goals; you still have opportunity. Don’t be discouraged and certainly don’t surrender defeat…just getta moving!

Order your copy of Game Time Achieving Victory through Wholeness to help you with starting your own life-transforming Game Plans. It’s not too late. It’s your Game Time!


You’re not defeated, you are just in Overtime!

Overtime Pic(Excerpt from Chapter 17 – Overtime)

Overcoming in Overtime

In the NBA, overtime is an additional time period that is necessary when there is not victory at the end of the regular four quarters. The overtime period is five minutes and it concludes when the five minute game clock expires.* If the game is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, another overtime period begins. This process is repeated until one team is declared the winner. Because of the additional minutes, individual player scores and statistics tend to be inflated, sometimes resulting in career highs. This is a great analogy to use when it comes to achieving victory by being made whole. It is not necessary to throw in the towel at the end of your fourth quarter if you have not yet achieved the victory and accomplished your goals. The victory will still come; it may just come in an overtime period. This is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, like the NBA game, your victory will result in inflated stats and even career highs because you went through the overtime period. In other words, not only will you still get the victory if overtime is needed but; because you went into the overtime period; you will come out even stronger because of more time spent playing the game.

It is even okay if you have to have more than one overtime period before achieving victory. Remember, your career high will be even higher. Sometimes during an overtime period, the coach may revise his original strategy for winning the game or may come up with an altogether new strategy for victory. This too may be necessary for you during your overtime period. It may be necessary to review your Transformation Plans and make revisions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reviewing them and figuring out what worked and what areas may need to be revised. These are your plans, you own them so; do what you have to do to experience your Game Time. What is most important is that you stay in the game; no matter what. Knowing and believing in God and yourself, that the victory is yours!

As I am now in my overtime period for being physically healthy; I am in the process of making revisions to my original transformation plan. There was once a time in my life that this sort of delay with reaching my goal would have discouraged me to a point of giving up. I thank the Lord that I am now in a different place with a totally different mindset. I now realize that my goal will still be achieved and my victory will be experienced. Actually, I can say that I have already achieved victory and am a winner because of my mind’s transformation.


The Winning is in the Journey

Picture of Journey

The fundamental element of “Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness” is what I refer to as taking a “journey” toward transformation in each of the four major areas of your life: physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. The book refer to this journey as “fitting the gap” between your current state and your desired state in each of these four areas. So for example in the area of your financial health. The book challenges you to evaluate your current financial status and then to ponder on your desired financial status. In other words (along with some standard suggestions) you define what financially healthy means to you and then you create your own transformation plan to map out how you will “fit the gap” and achieve your desired financial state. The book offers you the necessary tools to create your own transformation plan in each of the four major areas.

In Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness, this transformation is often referred to as a journey because it is indeed just that. A journey is defined as traveling from one place to another; usually taking a rather long time. Genuine transformation in any area of our life takes us from one place (our current state) to another (our desired state) and often times in can take a rather long time.

Now the definition of a long time can differ. For one person, their 1-year journey may seem like a long time to them whereas to you it may not seem long at all. One thing that I am learning as I continue my journey to transformation in several areas of my life is that the “winning is in the journey.” We often feel defeated and are likened to give up when we don’t “see” our desired results on our transformation journey soon enough. We allow our impatience to frustrate us and to even discourage us from continuing the journey. If we are not careful, eventually our frustration will even cause us to give up and quit the journey all together. But be encouraged today to never give up your journey. Even when you don’t see your desired status in your transformation in six months, a year, or even if you’ve been trying for over five years; the key is consistency and not giving up. You are winning because you have decided to stay the course and to journey on!

I received the revelation about how winning is in the journey while writing the very last chapter entitled “Overtime.” Prior to my last pregnancy, I was very close to achieving the goal that I had set for myself physically. In other words, I was in “the game” close to experiencing my victory. However, needless to say, after the pregnancy I found myself further away from my desired physical transformation goal. Just when I was close to making the winning shot to victory; I found myself in “Overtime.” Notice that I did not say that I lost the game or that I experienced defeat. I am merely in Overtime; still in the game until I achieve my victory in this area of my life.

Could it be that you are not really defeated? Could it be that you can still achieve your goals and the victory? Could it be that you’re merely in Overtime?

Look for the next Game Time blog as we expound on being in Overtime!



Quarter 1

Chapter 1: Need to be Physically Healthy……………… 12

Chapter 2: Need to be Financially Healthy………………20

Chapter 3: Need to be Emotionally Healthy……………..30

Chapter 4: Need to be Spiritually Healthy……………….42

Quarter 2

Chapter 5: Transforming to be Physically Healthy………50

Chapter 6: Transforming to be Financially Healthy……..63

Chapter 7: Transforming to be Emotionally Healthy……77

Chapter 8: Transforming to be Spiritually Healthy………97

Quarter 3

Chapter 9: Becoming Physically Healthy………………108

Chapter 10: Becoming Financially Healthy…………….116

Chapter 11: Becoming Emotionally Healthy…………..129

Chapter 12: Becoming Spiritually Healthy…………….140

Quarter 4

Chapter 13: Being Physically Healthy…………………149

Chapter 14: Being Financially Healthy………………..157

Chapter 15: Being Emotionally Healthy………………162

Chapter 16: Being Spiritually Healthy…………………170

Chapter 17: Overtime…………………………………186

My Physical Health Transformation Plan……………..195

My Financial Health Transformation Plan…………….210

My Emotional Health Transformation Plan……………222

My Spiritual Health Transformation Plan………………231

Appendix A: Fitness and Nutrition Websites…………..243

Appendix B: Fitness Measurement Tracker……………244

Appendix C: Basic Fitness and Workout Items………..246

Appendix D: American Heart Association: Target Heart Rate Chart………………………………………………247

Appendix E: Website References: Financial Resources Tracking Tools………………………………………….249


Game Time_Front Book Cover


The idea of something or someone needing to become whole would first imply that they were broken. I felt there was no way the concept of being broken could possibly apply to me. After all, I’m an educated woman with two master’s degrees; a pastor’s wife; mother to three beautiful children; a mentor; a career woman and the director of a thriving women’s ministry­. Of all the people you could name who would already be whole, I should top the list, right?

The realization that my need to feel a sense of completion and my journey to becoming whole started in May 2012, on Mother’s Day, to be exact. This should have been a very special Mother’s Day for me. It was my first one where I had the joy of celebrating motherhood (of two children) as well as the honor of celebrating my wonderful mother. I was about to celebrate the best Mother’s Day ever; at least that’s what I thought.

I went to the store to pick up flowers and a card to take to my mom on Mother’s Day morning. Normally I would sign her cards from my family (me, hubby, and kids) however; this time, I had only signed my name. I also remember taking time to really ponder on the words to write. For some reason, I was compelled to pour out my heart in the card–even more than usual. I couldn’t wait to read it to her.

The sun was shining bright as I drove to the nursing home to visit my mom. Several years prior, her health had begun to fail to the point where 24-hour care was needed. I was like a kid full of excitement as I drove to see her. I was so ready to kiss her; give her flowers; and most of all to read her the card.

Finally arriving at the nursing home, I entered her room and there she was lying in the bed with her head slightly elevated. She often liked to be “propped” up this way and would fall asleep in this position. I touched her shoulder so she’d wake up. Usually, I would let her sleep, but not today; my excitement wouldn’t let me. I just had to tell her Happy Mother’s Day! So, I continued to nudge at her to get her to wake up. I remember saying to the nurse, “Wow, she must have been up late last night because she is knocked out.”

After about five minutes of trying to get my mom to wake up, I still hadn’t realized that my life was about to change forever. The nurse had come over and checked my mom’s pulse. Then she called for other nurses and called a “code blue.” I immediately went into a state of numbness. They asked me to step out of the room as the paramedics entered. I called my husband and told him to pray. Surely between prayer and the paramedics, she would be fine. My mom has had several health bounce backs, and this was just another one of those scares. Well, on this day, May 13, 2012, there was no bounce-back…I had literally found my mom dead.

This “perfect” day, which was part of what was supposed to be a “perfect” week had become one of the most challenging and traumatic weeks of my life. I remember thinking, “Seriously Lord, you took my mom, not only at the beginning of one of the biggest weeks in my life, but on Mother’s Day…really?

You see, not only was this week special because of Mother’s Day but it was also the week of the inaugural Be Made Whole women’s conference for our church. The planning for the conference had been strategically and methodically mapped out for the last five months and this was the week to finally execute. Everything was well under control and this week was to be easy sailing for me. Well needless to say, things don’t always work out the way we plan.

After this life-changing week had finally passed and time had progressed; I was faced with the reality that I had to move on with life. Of course when any major event happens to us, such as a death of a loved one, a lot of reflection happens. I specifically found myself reflecting on the four topics covered at the Be Made Whole Conference: my physical, financial, emotional and spiritual health as they pertained to my current state in life. I soon started to realize that the Lord did not give me those four areas just for conference topics. He knew that my mom’s death would bring about this time of reflection and consequently, a need for transformation in my life. He knew that I also needed to be made whole. Soon I came to the conclusion that May 2012 was actually the beginning of a life-transformation for me.

The word ‘whole’ is defined as containing all the elements properly belonging; complete. It also means not broken, damaged, or impaired; intact; and sound. Contrary to popular belief, being whole is not the same as being perfect. When a person is whole or healthy; they are able to fully function at their highest possible capacity. They are victorious simply because they are whole. They are complete because they can properly function at high levels successfully.

As a result of pondering on the four major components of my life, I found myself faced with doing some very honest and sometimes hard-to-face self-evaluations. I realized there were areas in my life that were indeed not quite whole. I then decided that I was tired of not functioning at my very maximum capacity…. and so the journey begins. My transformation journey to wholeness, that is. I decided not to procrastinate on starting my journey toward transformation, so I began immediately during the month of May.

For some reason, many significant things in my life, both good and bad, occur in the month of May. My husband and I purchased our home in May; I lost a pregnancy in May, my mom passed in May and my son was born in May. I have now proclaimed the month of May as the beginning of my personal new year. I’m glad that I chose not to put off my transformation plans, not even for another day. Traditionally, many people delay personal changes they want to make until January of each year. I chose the present. There was too much at stake for me to put this off any longer. My very life was at stake, my wholeness was at hand, and my victory was on the line. It was my GAME TIME!

How Strong is Your House

GT_pic of House

(Excerpt from Chapter 5: Transforming to Be Spiritually Healthy)

Being Spiritually Healthy is Most Important

Of all the four areas of being made whole (physical, emotional, financial, spiritual); being spiritually healthy is the most important. I like to use the analogy of being spiritually healthy to a load-bearing wall in a building. For the spiritually healthy chapters of this book; we will use the analogy of you being a building and the four wholeness components are the four pillars of the building.

A load-bearing wall (your spiritual health) is a wall that bears a load resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure. In other words, it is the load-bearing wall that is the main wall that keeps the building standing when the other walls become weakened or damaged. Proverbs 18:14 states, “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” (KJV)

Other walls in a building that are not load-bearing are called curtain walls. Curtain walls provide no significant structural support beyond what is necessary to bear its own materials or conduct such loads to a load-bearing wall. So in order to keep your building in good condition (whole) and standing (even after a storm); your load-bearing wall (spiritual life) must be grounded in the foundation of your building. It is the state of your spiritual health that will determine how strong you stand and how you handle difficult times in other areas of your life; physical, financial, and emotional. Your spiritual life must be healthy and strong in order for you to get through tests, trials and storms in your life.

Let Them off the Train

picture of train_1 (Excerpt from Chapter 11: “Becoming Emotionally Healthy”)

Just as it is important to have a support group to assist with your emotionally healing, it is also as important to rid yourself of those that intentionally and continuously cause you to be wounded. This may sound like a no-brainer yet, you will be amazed at how many people continue to allow their offenders to exist in their life. One thing that is extremely important to realize is that some people are only meant to be in your life for a reason and for a season. So, when a persons’ season is up in your life, it’s time to go with the flow and embrace a new season without them.

 Allow me to use the analogy of a moving train to explain. Your life is the train and people in your life are like passengers on the train. Now while some people are meant to stay in your life for a very long ride (some even to the end of the line); others on the contrary are meant to get off at the next station. The problem becomes when you don’t allow them to exit at the station that was intended for them. Because you have allowed them to stay on the train (your life) pass their purposed exit; the train (your life) has now become more crowded and a bit uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the longer that you allow them to remain on the train, the more uncomfortable the ride will become for you as well as other passengers on the train.

 Overcrowding the train by allowing passengers that should have exited already will prevent new passengers who are purposed to be in your life now from getting on.