What’s your plan?

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We all know that January 1st is the day that many people make resolutions to make some sort of life-changing improvement(s). A popular resolution is to become more fit and healthy. Another one is to make financial improvements by making more money, saving more money, getting out of debt, etc.

I’m definitely all for making improvements and these are some great goals to have but, what are your actual plans for not only achieving these goals but maintaining your status once the goals are achieved? I think the biggest problems with making resolutions is that often times there’s not only no real plan for achieving the goal but, there’s also no plan for maintenance once the goal is achieved. So, we desire to lose weight but, not plan for doing so. Or, we lose the weight just to fit into that bridesmaids dress all just to gain it back once the wedding is over. Why work so hard to achieve such an awesome goal and have no plan to maintain.

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness offers very practical tools for actually making a plan(s) to achieve your goal(s). What good is a goal or a vision if you have no strategy or plan for achieving the goal? At that point, it’s just a dream and not a goal. The Bible even talks about writing down vision. The book focuses on making transformation plans for improvement in what I see as the four major areas of life: physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual.

The book also encourages you to make life-style changes versus just make a resolution for a particular period of time. Making your goals “for life” allows you the opportunity to map out a realistic plan for not only achieving your goals but to also maintaining.

Making life-style changes also takes into consideration the fact that “life” happens. In the book I talk about how a couple of years ago I had gotten very close to achieving my fitness goal. I had started walking and jogging and was close to my goal size. Then “life” happened and I got pregnant. Well, needless to say the weight came back on. However, the fact that I had made my fitness goal a life-style change and not just a goal to lose weight for a special event; I’m now able to literally get back on track and resume with my plans to become physically healthy.

Making plans that are life-style changes will help you not beat yourself up if/when you get of course from achieving your goal. Because you have made your goals for life, you allow yourself to go through whatever hiccup in the road that you may counter and you get back on course afterwards.

So, what about you, do you have actual plans written down to achieve your goals? What about maintenance plans for once the goals are achieved? Have you ever been close to meeting a goal all to have “life” happen; causing you to get thrown of course a bit? What, if anything, did you do to get back on course toward reaching your goal?

7 thoughts on “What’s your plan?

  1. This is right on time. I am tired of being tired. So often we “say” we want to change but don’t make it a priority. 2015 is my year!!! Thank you I look forward to reading the book 🙂


    • Breanda, you are so right. We complain about being tired yet, make know efforts to change our current situation. I believe that writing your goals down is helpful because when you write them down, they then become a declaration!! And yes, 2015 is your year….it’s your Game Time!


  2. This is a on time article for me. I’ve been reflecting and acessing areas in my life that must change for continued growth. I’ve been doing this for some months now, not just because it’s New Year’s.

    What I am learning with setting goals, completing them and maintaining them is to continue to take steps to raise my standards. When I complete one thing successfully I need to raise my standards higher. I should be constantly changing…transitioning for transformation. In others words I can’t become comfort with completing that goal, there is always more! If we choose to become comfortable, we will become stagnant, which leads to being stuck…no growth.

    Thank you for challenging us to grow!!! Blessings to you and the family…


  3. Good points!!!!..It is time to get back on track… I too was losing weight consistently in 2011..(DEC)…. Then depression set in and I began to emotionally eat and gain it all back… Now that that’s over I’m ready for my new beginning and transition..God bless 2015!!!!! Whoo Hoo!


    • Lenice, thanks for your transparency. Emotional eating is definitely not uncommon. It’s a great that you have identified the issue so now you know what you’re dealing with. Many blessings on your destiny….it’s your Game Time!


  4. This year the goal is accountability to myself and continuing with my goals of losing weight and saving more regardless any setbacks.


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