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Let Them off the Train

picture of train_1 (Excerpt from Chapter 11: “Becoming Emotionally Healthy”)

Just as it is important to have a support group to assist with your emotionally healing, it is also as important to rid yourself of those that intentionally and continuously cause you to be wounded. This may sound like a no-brainer yet, you will be amazed at how many people continue to allow their offenders to exist in their life. One thing that is extremely important to realize is that some people are only meant to be in your life for a reason and for a season. So, when a persons’ season is up in your life, it’s time to go with the flow and embrace a new season without them.

 Allow me to use the analogy of a moving train to explain. Your life is the train and people in your life are like passengers on the train. Now while some people are meant to stay in your life for a very long ride (some even to the end of the line); others on the contrary are meant to get off at the next station. The problem becomes when you don’t allow them to exit at the station that was intended for them. Because you have allowed them to stay on the train (your life) pass their purposed exit; the train (your life) has now become more crowded and a bit uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the longer that you allow them to remain on the train, the more uncomfortable the ride will become for you as well as other passengers on the train.

 Overcrowding the train by allowing passengers that should have exited already will prevent new passengers who are purposed to be in your life now from getting on.


It All Makes “Cents”

Piggy pic

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness is more than a book; it’s a movement. A movement to start us thinking about the current status of the four major areas of your life: physical health; financial health, emotional health and spiritual health. In other words, what’s necessary for us to be whole in these major areas of our lives.

Being financially healthy is not necessarily the same as being rich. The book goes into more details on distinguishing the difference. However, I liken being financially healthy as being in a position to reach your financial maximum. Not that you’ve arrived yet but, at least you’re positioning yourself to live beyond paycheck to paycheck and to even live beyond just being “comfortable.” Trust me, I realize that the mere concept of achieving financial health is a process that doesn’t necessarily happen overnight yet; it can and does happen for many people.

The book challenges you to think about your current financial status and your desired financial status. Once you’ve really given these two things serious thought; you are then tasked with creating a “fit-the-gap” transformation plan of the specific things that you will change or do concerning your finances that will help you in the process of transitioning from your current to desired financial status.

Now by no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a financial expert however; I am learning on my journey toward financial wholeness that it all makes “cents.” In other words, it is important to make every penny that we have count. In Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness; I share some things that I’ve incorporated in an effort to make “cents” of it all.

One thing is that I’ve done is enrolled in the Keep the Change savings plan at my bank. Essentially, this plan takes every change that you have from transactions from your checking account and automatically transfers it to your savings account. For example; let’s say you go to the gas station and spend $30.45 on gas. The bank will then take the .55 cents remaining from that last dollar and transfer it to your savings account. I was so surprised at the end of my first year in this plan when I had seen over $500 in change transferred and sent to my savings account. Talk about making “cents” of it all.

Another thing that I’ve learned is to not overlook old Piggy. You know what I mean, saving change the good old fashion way by way of a piggy bank! Now, this is not to say that you have to have a big pink pig sitting on your bedroom dresser however; what’s wrong with keeping change at home. I started emptying my wallet every week and dumping the change in my change bank at home after reading a post. One of my Facebook friends posted how she dumps her wallet every week and every year for her birthday she turns the coins in for cash to purchase herself a nice birthday gift. You may use your change toward other goals like saving for vacation spending money, saving for a down payment of some sort or for some other type of special purchase. Whatever your goal may be; this is a simple but effective way to save extra cash and it will avoid you from having to withdraw from your real savings account to make the special purchase. Now that makes “cents!”

Another part of my journey toward financial health that is discussed in the book is becoming debt free. I believe that becoming and living debt free is foundational when it comes to being financially healthy. A wonderful resource that I’ve become fond of is the Debt Free Divas website ( Toni Husbands is one of the co-founder of Debt Free Divas which is a great organization that focuses on sharing life-changing information on becoming and living debt free. Toni Husbands just so happen to be one of the speaker at our church’s upcoming Be Made Whole Women’s Conference this year. She will be sharing her personal testimonial about how she became and lives debt free and will be sharing very important information and a process on how you too can do the same. You can visit to register and to read more about this epic conference taking place on Saturday, May 16. You can also email with any questions that you may have about the conference. Now how’s that for a shameless plug!

And oh yeah, being debt free….now that makes “cents!”

So the next time that you see change on the floor in your house, don’t just walk over it. Pick it up and add it your change bank. Make it all makes “cents.”

It’s your Game Time!