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The Winning is in the Journey

Picture of Journey

The fundamental element of “Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness” is what I refer to as taking a “journey” toward transformation in each of the four major areas of your life: physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. The book refer to this journey as “fitting the gap” between your current state and your desired state in each of these four areas. So for example in the area of your financial health. The book challenges you to evaluate your current financial status and then to ponder on your desired financial status. In other words (along with some standard suggestions) you define what financially healthy means to you and then you create your own transformation plan to map out how you will “fit the gap” and achieve your desired financial state. The book offers you the necessary tools to create your own transformation plan in each of the four major areas.

In Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness, this transformation is often referred to as a journey because it is indeed just that. A journey is defined as traveling from one place to another; usually taking a rather long time. Genuine transformation in any area of our life takes us from one place (our current state) to another (our desired state) and often times in can take a rather long time.

Now the definition of a long time can differ. For one person, their 1-year journey may seem like a long time to them whereas to you it may not seem long at all. One thing that I am learning as I continue my journey to transformation in several areas of my life is that the “winning is in the journey.” We often feel defeated and are likened to give up when we don’t “see” our desired results on our transformation journey soon enough. We allow our impatience to frustrate us and to even discourage us from continuing the journey. If we are not careful, eventually our frustration will even cause us to give up and quit the journey all together. But be encouraged today to never give up your journey. Even when you don’t see your desired status in your transformation in six months, a year, or even if you’ve been trying for over five years; the key is consistency and not giving up. You are winning because you have decided to stay the course and to journey on!

I received the revelation about how winning is in the journey while writing the very last chapter entitled “Overtime.” Prior to my last pregnancy, I was very close to achieving the goal that I had set for myself physically. In other words, I was in “the game” close to experiencing my victory. However, needless to say, after the pregnancy I found myself further away from my desired physical transformation goal. Just when I was close to making the winning shot to victory; I found myself in “Overtime.” Notice that I did not say that I lost the game or that I experienced defeat. I am merely in Overtime; still in the game until I achieve my victory in this area of my life.

Could it be that you are not really defeated? Could it be that you can still achieve your goals and the victory? Could it be that you’re merely in Overtime?

Look for the next Game Time blog as we expound on being in Overtime!