You’re not defeated, you are just in Overtime!

Overtime Pic(Excerpt from Chapter 17 – Overtime)

Overcoming in Overtime

In the NBA, overtime is an additional time period that is necessary when there is not victory at the end of the regular four quarters. The overtime period is five minutes and it concludes when the five minute game clock expires.* If the game is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, another overtime period begins. This process is repeated until one team is declared the winner. Because of the additional minutes, individual player scores and statistics tend to be inflated, sometimes resulting in career highs. This is a great analogy to use when it comes to achieving victory by being made whole. It is not necessary to throw in the towel at the end of your fourth quarter if you have not yet achieved the victory and accomplished your goals. The victory will still come; it may just come in an overtime period. This is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, like the NBA game, your victory will result in inflated stats and even career highs because you went through the overtime period. In other words, not only will you still get the victory if overtime is needed but; because you went into the overtime period; you will come out even stronger because of more time spent playing the game.

It is even okay if you have to have more than one overtime period before achieving victory. Remember, your career high will be even higher. Sometimes during an overtime period, the coach may revise his original strategy for winning the game or may come up with an altogether new strategy for victory. This too may be necessary for you during your overtime period. It may be necessary to review your Transformation Plans and make revisions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reviewing them and figuring out what worked and what areas may need to be revised. These are your plans, you own them so; do what you have to do to experience your Game Time. What is most important is that you stay in the game; no matter what. Knowing and believing in God and yourself, that the victory is yours!

As I am now in my overtime period for being physically healthy; I am in the process of making revisions to my original transformation plan. There was once a time in my life that this sort of delay with reaching my goal would have discouraged me to a point of giving up. I thank the Lord that I am now in a different place with a totally different mindset. I now realize that my goal will still be achieved and my victory will be experienced. Actually, I can say that I have already achieved victory and am a winner because of my mind’s transformation.



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