The Game Time Movement

Game Time…’s a movement!

The Game Time movement currently consist of the “Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness” book and the “Game Time Victory” Workshop.

Game Time_Front Book Cover

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness Book: Many people often feel defeated before even starting when it comes to improving their quality of life. The concept of living a victorious life never really seems possible and sometimes the very idea can be overwhelming. The pressure to lose weight, go back to school, get a better job, earn and save more money are just a few things that can leave one feeling paralyzed and not knowing where to even start.

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness book focuses on making individual life-transformational plans in four major areas of life: physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. This book will help you overcome being overwhelmed by zoning in on each area of improvement separately and offering practical tools for setting goals.

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness realizes that no two individuals are exactly the same and thus, no one life-transformation plan will necessarily work for every individual. This is the reason behind the build-your-own transformation plan concept. You are offered a wealth of information, resources, tools and inspiration needed to create customized transformation plans for your specific personal goals.

Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness helps you evaluate your current state in life and then encourages you to move forward to fit-the-gap between your current state and your desired state. This book will help you go from “trying out for the team” to “making the team” and getting you in the game and positioned to win!


gtv workshop pic 1

Game Time Victory Workshop: The Game Time Victory workshop is not your ordinary just-come-and-take-notes type of workshop. This interactive, fun and exciting time of reflection on all four major areas of becoming whole (physical, financial, emotional and spiritual) is designed to empower each participant to take control and own their plans for transformation.  Sherrie Flowers is a skilled and gifted facilitator that offers an exciting interactive experience designed to bring Game Time to life in a group setting. Participants in this one-of-a-kind workshop will have the opportunity to take their transformational plans from Game Time: Achieving Victory through Wholeness to another level. GTV Workshop participants will leave the workshop feeling victorious with a solid plan of action to work toward achieving their victory!

 gtv workshop pic 2

gtv workshop pic 3


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